Best gift for family and friend

Best gift for family and friend

Holidays is coming, the selection of gifts is always a disturbing problem, this is a unique gift, always can make people shine. What kind of bluetooth printer is beautiful and practical? that's right, it's munbyn's Bear printer.

What's so amazing about this bluetooth thermal printer?

  • Print a small calendar

This is an interesting feature.

Calendar pages are easy to make and easier to personalize. If your friends need a little help keeping things in perfect order, you can use the Daily To Do section to create a calendar to help them stay up-to-date.

You can add interesting things like recipes, pictures, and even personal quotes to help your friends share your happiness.

A good thing to remember is that you don't have to make a big calendar for your desktop or fridge, a fun and practical refrigerator sticker that you can do with this handheld thermal printer

  • Print notes

From small parcels to large items, canned fruit to seasoning containers. Labels are everywhere.

This portable thermal printer only needs to add label paper, select your favorite font online, and then print it.

You can use this feature to create your favorite tags and create unique memories tags for you and your friends and family

  • Print pictures

Taking pictures is to document your life and slow yourself down in the passing of time.

Photos carrying memories in the digital age are becoming cheap, Everyone's attitude towards photos has become extremely demanding; no one is going to delve into the story behind a photo, just want to make the picture "attractive" through endless beauty function.

In such a situation the photo has become more beautiful than ever before, but lost its original meaning.

So print a photo, the most important thing is not the picture of the photo itself, but by printing a photo, wake up your current memory of the shooting picture, it may not be able to zoom in to the pores clearly visible, but it is really fixed time, you can see, also touch!

  • Print greeting cards

To print a greeting card, you just need to select the right card jam and print it.

You can use decal decorations to write or print out some images with watercolor pigment masks.

Create the perfect card with buttons, sticky eyes, recycled paper, flashes and almost anything on paper.

This is a great gift for handmade lovers. It's also a great tool for a family to promote a family's relationship.


The munbyn bear printer is not only a printer, but also a carrier of memory, notes of your life. Buy this mobile bluetooth printer and enjoy more love with family and friends.