Perfect for Heavy Cash Handling Job. The updated version of IMC01 with more support functions. Cuts your time processing time in half! More suitable for the bank user or business owners who need to deal with heavy banknote sorting work.

  • Mixed denomination/currency counts
  • Split out mixed bills into bundles
  • 12 Counterfeit Detection
  • Sort mixed stacks of bills based on Denomination / Face / Orientation / Currency / Version of Banknote.
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Money Handling Solution for Small Business and Bank. 2 CIS Tech and 11 Counterfeit Detection methods ensure a reliable, fast, and accurate counting result. Brings you peace of mind when you need to deal with heavy cash counting work. Ideal for business owners, retail stores, gas stations, banks, etc.

  • Mixed denomination/currency counts
  • Reports and print total value
  • Sort a stack of mixed bills
  • Bank-grade counterfeit detection
  • SN Recognition
  • ADD and BATCH functions
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