• Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine and Sorter and Cash Counter IMC01 | MUNBYN, impressive counting speed of 1000 notes per minute, this note counter is a must for any business handling cash.
  • Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine and Sorter Count Multi Currency IMC01 | Currency counter verifies bills using ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit identification A great choice for any type of business, as well as for learning users, who want more explosives for their cash box machines
  • The  IMC01 uses 5 counterfeit detections and has a top loading hopper that allows you to add bills to the hopper while it runs, for continuous counting.
  • By activating Value Count in the add mode, users can count different denominations while keeping track of the total value. .Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine and Sorter Count Multi Currency IMC01 | MUNBYN

Renewed Money Counter Machine IMC01

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Huge Time Saver - Money Handling Solution for Small Business and Bank

  • Helps you total the value of count to save your effort and time when you deal with a heavy cash counting work.
  • Provides a clear list including quantity of bills & value by Denom for better money management.
  • Recognizes the serial number for each counted bill for added security and money tracking. Available to check all currencies serial number.
  • Supports counting 4 kinds of currencies with mixed denomination at one time count. You can count a stack of mixed USD, CAD, EUR, MXN at only one time count. Besides, mixed denomination money counter supports up to 100 currencies. Our basic currency setting includes USD, CAD, EUR, MXN, GBP. If you need other currency, just find us for software update service.
  • Available to print the counting result for total value, breakdown and serial number with IMC01 Printer to keep a record for your business.
  • SDC Mode helps you sort a stack of mixed bills by first bill's denomination. Notice: this function is only ideal for small amount of mixed bills, because the machine will send error message when it detect the bill different from the first bill. You need to remove the different bill manually to sort.
  • CNT Mode only count the number and authenticity of notes.

Reliable and Accurate

  • Bank Grade Counterfeit Detection: Provides 11 counterfeit detection methods to guard your business. Includes 2CIS, UV, IR, MT, MG, Dimensional and Thickness detection, Security Line Detection, Variable ink Detection, Spectrum Detection, Fluorescence Detection, SN recognition.
  • 2 CIS: Double Contact Image Sensor detect 2 sides of every counted bill like human eyes, to ensure authenticity of banknotes and accuracy of count result. Effective against Superdollar.
  • SN Recognition: Available to recognize all Serial Number. Even though you count mixed USD, EUR, CAD, MXN with mixed denomination at the time. Ultra-advanced Money Handling Solution for you. Ideal for money management and tracking. Perfect for small business, bank, gas station, police department, restaurant, school district, wholesaler, hospital.
  • Powerful Bill Recognition: The money counting machine can count different quality banknotes, no matter brand new, worn, slight damaged and slight ripped.

Easy and Handy to Use - 6 Counterfeit Detection Ensures No Chance of Fake Bill

  • ADD and BATCH Mode: Optional to use simultaneously or separately. ADD for large amout of bills. Just keep inserting the bills. BATCH for easy bundling.
  • Auto/ Manual Mode: Count automatically or manually
  • Big Capacity: 200-banknotes stacker and 500-banknotes hopper
  • Speed: 800/1000/1200/1500 Bills/Minute Optional

Easy to Maintain

  • 1. Please clean the machine after heavy counting work. Use the cleaning brush and cloth to clean inside of machine. Otherwise, bill jamming issue and ERROR message will happen frequently.
  • 2. Please make CIS Calibration every month. Otherwise, the counting accuracy will be affected
  • 3. The maintainance manual has solution for Bill Jamming Issue/Accuracy Problem/Sensitive Sensor Issue/ Bill Running Slowly.

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