Factors affecting barcode scanners that do not recognize barcodes

Factors affecting barcode scanners that do not recognize barcodes

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The barcode is divided into five levels: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Among them, the A-level mark is the highest quality, the F-level is the lowest. Generally, the barcode scanner is more difficult to read. What is the reason that the bar code scanner can't read the bar code? The main factors for you are as follows:

1.  Barcode information density is too high, the resolution of the printer is low, resulting in the printed bar code is not clear.

2.  The quality of the ribbon is not good, resulting in the printing of bar code blurred, easy to wipe off, resulting in the bar code information is incomplete, cannot be scanned

3.  Barcode surface cover has transparent material, reflective is too high, although the eyes can see the bar code, but the barcode scanner reading conditions are strict, can not read.

4. The selection of the printed bar code system is unreasonable

5.  Barcode scanner hardware failure

6.  Does not open the function of reading this bar code.

7.  Direct sunlight, photosensitive devices into the saturation zone.

8.  Scan head quality of the barcode scanner is too poor to read the barcode

9.  The scanning angle is not well mastered, vertical scanning is wrong. (Because the barcode surface reflects, the reflected light shines ontheing the mirror in the scanner window, interfering with the scanner's normal decoding.)The correct scanning angle should also be the scan and barcode tilt angle should be within 30 degrees)

10.  Scan guns do not support scanned barcode types, such as many barcodes only support reading one-dimensional barcodes, not 2D barcodes.

11.  The machine’s cable drive is not correct, you can pull out the cable of the scanning gun and reinsert it into the computer's interface.

12.  Lead the way to make barcode can not be scanned, such as printing of bar code labels can lead to scanning difficult to recognize, the general choice of bar code printers will be better!

13.  Scan distance is too far or too close, beyond the readable range of the scan gun (infrared scanner reading range is about 2CM, laser scan gun normal barcode distance should be between 6-25CM)


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