Hey! Are you ready to reopen your shop?

Hey! Are you ready to reopen your shop?

In the age of Amazon and eBay, Brick-And-Mortar stores are feeling the pressure of an increasingly digitized marketplace. Most people avoid physical retailers due to noise, social interaction, etc... However, a vast majority of complaints towards traditional Brick-And-Mortar stores are the wait-time. Along with the wait-times, Brick-And-Mortar stores are generally outdated. There hasn't been a revolution in Brick-And-Mortar retailers in decades and the average consumer is starting to notice.

Many Brick-And-Mortar retailers are slashing the nuance by equipping new technology like HandHeld POS systems, often called the "hand-held" cash-register. A common criticism toward these devices is that they're nothing more than a gimmick. However, studies have shown that people favor Handheld POS systems over traditional cash-registers.

Why switch over?

HandHeld systems improve a customer's experience:

Catering, fast-food, retail, restaurant, and so many other businesses could increase service exponentially by adopting a handheld POS terminal system. These systems can also improve customers' experience and satisfaction, because, of the shorter wait times that HandHeld cash-registers can bring.


Managing large amounts of data and having all employee's information on the tip of one's hand is extremely beneficial when making a sale. Instead of employees dragging customers around the store looking for a stock-room manager, they can simply tap a button and share their location with the employee instantly. These systems will also help with keeping track of stock as, unlike traditional electronic cash registers, these handheld systems are often interchangeable with stock management software.

It's cheaper

Traditional POS systems are often connected with a computer's software making it more expensive than handheld ones. Depending on the software, a brick-and-mortar retailer could be saving between $500-$1000 more when switching from a traditional POS system to a handheld one. The inexpensiveness is great for much smaller stores that often see an influx of customer activity as it can put everyone, even managers, in the cash-register role during rush-hour in a minute.

Increase sales

People tend to be more impulsive when buying something without cash. Studies have shown that sales increase by more than 15.3% in fashion retailer Nordstrom stores when hand-held POS systems were implemented. Along with an increase in sales, POS systems increase the likelihood of buyers recommending the store to their friends and families.

Digital cash

The most obvious reason to switch from traditional to hand-held use is the growing disuse of physical cash. Studies have shown that by 2030, more than 60% of Americans will use digital cash for regular purchases than physical. People see the physical cash sector as being an endangered form of payment and economists have stated that more people will use cryptocurrencies to the same latency as gold in the future.

Switch over

As retail giants struggle in an ever-changing industry dominated by technology and an ever-changing consumer pallet, Handheld POS systems are one of the few, yet, proven ways for them to catch-up. Many have lauded at Brick-And-Mortars slow adaption to new trends as a positive in the past, however, in the 21st century, being behind on times could kill a business.

Best pos system for restaurant

Still looking for the best handheld POS terminal for your business? Here we would like to share the most popular model in the EU market! MUNBYN promotes IPDA064 since the end of 2019, it combines the built-in printer and the POS terminal, called All-in-One, to replace the traditional ordering way for the service industry, the obvious change is reducing human mistakes while increasing efficiency a lot! So what are the functions of MUNBYN handheld POS terminal? Let’s see the following instructions and see if it’s suitable for you!

-Upgraded Android 7.1 OS, stable system will be compatible with your app

-RAM 1G, PLUG 8G Flash, protect and run the order info quickly

-4G Internet to connect fast

-Rechargeable 2600mAh battery to support your business 7/24

-40mm diameter thermal printer, reducing recurring recharge costs

- 5.2 "HD sensitive touch screen, few steps to finish the order

- 5.0MP AF camera easy capture the picture

Warm Tips: This model is only available in the EU region because of the charger and frequency band.

Ready to reopen your shop now? It’s time to bring your customer a better experience and let your business run faster now!

Where to buy

The handheld POS terminal can be bought from MUNBYN’s official website for $287. However, currently, it’s available on sale for $239.98! Once ordered, it will arrive at your doorstep within 3-15 days, the accurate time depending on the shipping status. It’s also available to be paid for by PayPal or other visa or master cards.

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