The Magic You Should Know About Industrial PDA (POS Terminal)

The Magic You Should Know About Industrial PDA (POS Terminal)

With the rapid development of industry, labor cost is increasing. Based on the features and functions of industrial PDA, more and more enterprises refer to this “useful tool” to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. Nowadays, industrial PDA is widely used in logistics, express delivery, retailing, hospitality, manufacturing, medical treatment, public utilities, finance, and other fields. Industrial PDA is specially applied in the industrial field or for work application scenario design and development. From the function, the industrial PDA built-in Bluetooth, camera, call, GPS, multi-mode wireless network, data communication function, suitable for a variety of harsh environments. Such as high temperature, low temperature, dust, moisture, Oil stain, etc. In terms of traditional basic functions, whatever in functional modules or performance Settings of industrial PDA both tend to be industrialized. Therefore, it has become an important implementer of industrial information management and intelligent hardware application. Industrial PDA also has barcode scanning, radio frequency identification (divided into low-frequency LF, HF, UHF UHF), fingerprint identification and other data acquisition functions, which are not available in commercial PDA.

However, some people still take an attitude of “wait and see”, because they don't know much about industrial PDA. When you finish reading the following article, and I know you will, I believe that you will want to buy a PDA immediately and experience the efficiency improvement and fun brought by PDA at work.

Application Field of Industrial PDA

1. Logistics Industry

PDA used by the logistics industry for logistics warehouse management, transportation management, and parcel implementation track varies according to the application area.

The main functions used for bar code scanning, RFID identification, contact/ contactless IC card reading and writing and Bluetooth data communication, etc. PDA is used in Courier tracking ID data collection, transit warehouse data collection, by scanning the package bar code, the tracking information will be directly transmitted to the background server through PDA, at the same time can realize the relevant business information search and other functions.

2. Retail Industry

Retail Convenience chain stores, malls, and counters, which are used for the collection and transmission data of store procurement, sales, inventory, stock transfer, return, order and member management.

For example, in the convenience store chain, the function of industrial PDA can reduce the manual data record and data search time, so that employees can make an accurate judgment on the number of goods and whether the goods need replenishment in the fastest time.

3. Patrol Management

Patrol management is mainly used to regulate the route of community security and patrolmen when they perform patrol tasks. Avoid duplicate lines and blind spots. In addition, the GPS function can fully display the location of patrol personnel, so that the relevant personnel arrives at the location for the first time.

4. Card Management

Uses NFC function to manage various IC CARDS and contactless IC cards, such as identity cards, membership cards, etc. Card management, as the name implies, is to manage various contact/contactless IC cards, so the main extension function of the PDA used is contact/contactless IC cards reading and writing.

5. Production and Manufacturing Industry

Industrial PDA can be used for production line management and warehouse management of manufacturing enterprises. Special DPM codes in automobile manufacturing, machinery, and other fields can also be read with industrial PDA.

6. Medical Care

Industrial PDA can be applied in medical scenes such as mobile nurse station, mobile infusion, and medical supervision, which can help hospitals to realize resource integration and process optimization, thus reducing operating costs and improving service quality and management level.

7. Meter Reading

Electric index dial, gas index dial, and water index dial could be read by Industrial PDA, with the functions of power, data communication, and bar code scanning.

Refer to the water meter, electricity meter, and gas meter. They mainly use functions such as power infrared, data communication, and bar code scanning that are provided by industrial PDA to realize fast meter reading and real-time synchronous transmission of data to the terminal system without manual recording.

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