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MUNBYN mixed-color square direct thermal labels are the perfect solution for product labeling and organization.
MUNBYN rainbow square sticker label is waterproof and oil-proof, making it ideal for use in humid environments.
MUNBYN square thermal labels are also great for organizing files, folders, envelopes, and other documents.
MUNBYN square thermal stickers feature a strong adhesive that can securely stick to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, glass, and metal.
MUNBYN mix-colored square thermal label is an ideal choice for products that require a high level of brand recognition, such as food and beverage items, healthcare products, and beauty products.
The mixed-color square thermal label provides a fun and eye-catching way to customize your products.
MUNBYN square stickers are ideal for use in warehouses, offices, and retail environments.

MUNBYN Rainbow Square Thermal Sticker Labels

Sale price$25.99 CAD

· Size: 2"x2" (51x51mm). 500 Labels / Roll.
· Direct Thermal Tech. Black-Print Only.
· Premium-grade materials. BPA & BPS Free.
· Printing your logo for branding and promotions. More choices for your growing business.

MUNBYN mix-coloured square thermal labels are perfect for creating custom labels for your business.

Official note

The first step before your use. Let the label printer adapt to the size of the label:

  • Load at least 4 consecutive sheets of label into the printer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Press the FEED button and hold on.
  • Release the button when you hear one 'Di' sound.
  • Then, the printer will calibrate the label size and properties.

Steps For Usage

Step 1: Open: and log in

Step 2:
a. Click "Custom Size" on the home page, Set label size: 58x58mm, Click on "Create new design"
b. "Uploads" the label model, pulls the uploaded image into the design page and adjusts the label model to be the same size as the design page

Step 3: You can choose your favorite pattern in "Elements", and "Text" to select the text you prefer. After the setting is completed, delete the label paper model, then click "Download". (Note: "Transparent background" should be checked when "Download")

Step 4: Using a thermal label printer, upload the saved pattern and set the size to be printed. After setting, you can print.

MUNBYN square thermal labels are suitable as brand labels on essential oil bottles.