4"x6" Thermal Shipping Label Printer ITPP941 Starter Kit | Green

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· 941 Basic with 203DPI. Perfect for USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Support for Canada Post PDF Printing, but not Canada Post Printing Directly. 

· 941 Pro: 300DPI means a higher definition. Perfectly compatible with Canada PostOnly white color offers 941 Pro.

· Direct Thermal: Black-Print Only.

· Use MUNBYN Printer Chrome Extension to print direct via Chrome Browser.

· Round sticker labels for printing logo or "thank you sticker", Rectangle sticker labels for printing Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok QR barcode, or printing address barcode label


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The MUNBYN printer extension is now available on the Chrome Web Store. 

Support on Mac, Windows, Chrome OS

  • Connect the printer and computer with USB, turn on the printer.
  • Enter “MUNBYN” in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension in your Google Chrome.
  • Open the MUNBYN extension Click "Add" to find your printer. And "Setting Printer" to complete the print settings.
  • Open the file in Google Chrome and "Ctrl + P" to wake up the print interface, select the printer you just added and start Print.
  • MUNBYN digital scale weighs in ml, oz, lb, g, and kg. 
  • This Shipping Scale can weigh up to 11lb(5kg) with 0.1oz accuracy. 
  • It only needs one CR2032 3V button battery to work. 

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