Discover our purple multi-pattern 6-in-1 thermal sticker labels, perfect for tidy and vibrant labeling without ink or ribbons.

Strong Compatibility: Thermal label stickers are compatible with Munbyn, Jadens, Rollo, Idprt, Beeprt, Asprink, Nelko, Phomemo, Polono, Labelrange, Offnove, Joise, Itari, K Comer and other direct thermal printers. (Not compatible with Dymo and Brother).

Fast and Convenient: Circle sticker labels no ink is required, just print and paste, improving work efficiency and saying goodbye to the tedious handwritten label process.

Clear Printing: Thermal labels can provide clear and long-lasting printing quality and long-lasting color development, and it will be visible as soon as it is printed, making your product information last forever!

Weather Resistant: Round labels are waterproof, oilproof, and abrasion-resistant, keeping contents visible even in refrigerated or outdoor environments.


No Bpa and Bps: Bpa (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical, that can cause endocrine disorders and has certain effects on people's health, the round labels have been tested to contain no carcinogens such as Bpa and Bps.

Wide Applicability: Thermal sticker labels are suitable for various fields such as retail, logistics, food packaging, etc, to meet your all-round labeling needs, imagine that your products are neatly affixed with our thermal stickers, which instantly enhances the brand image and wins the trust of consumers.

Use with Rubber Stamps: If you don't own a thermal label maker but still have plans for these labels, thermal labels can also work well with rubber stamps, not every ink works as well as others, but once you find the suitable choices, the prints were flawless and dried nicely.

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