How can make-up sellers make your packaging shine?

How can make-up sellers make your packaging shine?

As long as you contact Pinterest, you will find that there are mostly female users on it. Women pursue exquisiteness and love life, so they are very concerned about their appearance. Just use the Pinterest trend to search for skincare, and you will quickly understand that the popularity of this term is increasing. If you are a woman interested in beauty and skincare, you must know what I am talking about.

Based on the APP attributes of Pinterest itself, the traffic is large, and the image content and ideas are rich. You can also find that many female bloggers use their traffic advantages and the understanding of female customers to run their small businesses on this platform. The increasing number of beauty bloggers is the general trend. Due to the pursuit of beauty, beautifully packaged cosmetics can capture the hearts of female consumers more. Today, let us focus on how make-up sellers can achieve packaging freedom while also using exquisite packaging to make customers shine.

Women are powerful. Don’t underestimate women who work at home, because you don’t know how many good ideas they can study at home. The following ideas will enable us to discover great potential from women.

One of the most essential things that make-up sellers need when starting your small business is packaging supplies. You may have been inspired by some cute packaging that you saw on TikTok, you save the video, and hope that one day you can use it to show off your skills. This is not a bad idea, but the reality is that when you just started your career, you bought so many good-looking stickers and postcards, such as packaging stickers, gift stickers, etc., and these amounts reached a certain base, which required a lot of your costs.

If you want to save costs on packaging and still do beautifully, this article is for you. Here are 7 essential small packaging ideas for make-up sellers.

1. Bubble Mailers

If the cosmetics you sell are small and fragile items that do not require boxes and have a certain base, you should use bubble mailers. They are available in various sizes and colors, and are very suitable for small cosmetics, such as small trial sets. If the products you sell may overflow, make sure to wrap them in extra bubble wrap before putting them in a bubble envelope for transportation.


2. Drawstring Organza Bags

This is also very practical for small packages, the important thing is that it is cheap and stylish. If you also sell lipsticks, this packaging is great.


3. Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll

For fragile cosmetics in glass bottles, this was a must during transportation at that time! Because you don't know whether the transportation personnel is good-tempered or whether there will be violent transportation.


4. Crinkle-Cut Shredded Paper

Mostly, this is usually put into the gift boxes that girls usually receive, may look inconspicuous, but with it decorated in the packaging, it is much better than looking at an empty box, trust me.


5. MUNBYN Shipping postal scale

This is also a scale specially prepared for small businesses. With it, you can accurately know the weight of your goods, especially for small packages of cosmetics. The weight needs to be measured with a refined postal scale to avoid mistakes. Accurately measuring your package is conducive to long-term transportation cost savings.


6. MUNBYN Thermal label printer

In the long run, owning a label printer will not only save money but also time. This labeling machine can not only print your shipping labels but also print your stickers! DIY stickers, as long as you see a nice design, you can print it out at any time, which not only saves the cost of long-term purchase of stickers but makes your stickers more special and in line with your expectations. After all, you can print anything you want! The shipping sticker is affixed to your package, and the gift sticker is in the package. If you have a social media platform and you can print the QR code, customers will find a lot of information and small surprises when they open their packages.


7. MUNBYN Thermal Label

Referring to the printers in the previous content, so there is no need to emphasize the thermal Label. The cost of a Label is many times lower than the cost of a sticker. It is considered.


We hope everyone can find their own unique packaging and personalize their small business, which has always been MUNBYN's pursuit. Start with MUNBYN, Printing with time.

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