How does a shipping label printer completely serve the packaging of the entire small business

How does a shipping label printer completely serve the packaging of the entire small business

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If you want to start a business in 2021, it is important to consider the new normal, as COVID-19 has changed the way people consume products and services. Although starting a retail business or restaurant may have been a good idea before, it is best to reconsider these ideas this year. As a self-employed person, how to start a business without going out to make trouble, maybe online stores will bring inspiration to your small business, which is exactly the general trend this year.

When implementing an online small business, what will we first consider? It's money. If starting a small business can be adopted in a lower-cost form, this may be a blessing to sellers who are just starting.

Leaving aside the purchase process, today we are discussing what happens after the goods are sold out.

  How to truly achieve low cost in the entire process of packaging and logistics for small businesses? A MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer ITPP941 can save you the cost of the entire process from packaging to transportation.

1. Print shipping labels

When you are running around to the post office to send your package, and wait for the labels to be printed, one after another, there is a steady stream of labels.

How much time and money will it take to complete this work? If you can print all the labels on your own, you can save time waiting at the post office; not only that, using thermal printing technology can also save you the cost of toner for purchasing traditional ink cartridge printers. Saving time and money is that simple.

2. DIY stickers

The role of stickers in the packaging directly affects the buyer’s impression of receiving the items, and may not be the most necessary part, but adding your accessory gift stickers with care will definitely add to the cake. To buy a roll of gift stickers, the market price costs 6.99 US dollars, and if you have a better aesthetic, choosing DIY gift stickers will give customers a feeling that you are very careful, and the DIY cost is only 0.09 US dollars. See if the gap is reflected? Not only gift stickers, you can also customize your packaging stickers, which is also a small intention.

3. Brand logo sticker

When your small business is gradually being known by people, then you need to consider making it more standardized and have a brand effect. You need to have your own brand logo so that people will involuntarily think of you when they see it. product. And sticking a brand logo on the packaging will also be a good choice for you. The same can be done using this label printer.

4. QR code printing

If you have official social media: Would you please print out the QR code too? Social media is your important brand marketing channel. The number of fans is too useful. If you print out your QR code and put it in your package, you can increase your chances of fanning.


Maybe labeling is what we started as a brand and ourselves. Only by distinguishing themselves from others can people have the opportunity to be remembered among so many products. Just right, we can give you the special, self-designed label and self-designed packaging that you want, not only to save costs to a large extent but also to bring your unique personalized small business.

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