Good Business Helper---Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

Good Business Helper---Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

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Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is a portable thermal printer that combines USB, RS-232 Serial and Bluetooth communication interfaces together. Nowadays, wireless thermal receipt printers are more and more widely used in a various of application areas. For example, food service industry, logistics and transportation, warehouse, POS system and lottery industry, etc.

Advantages of Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

The usage of wireless printing technology is one of the most advantage of Bluetooth thermal receipt printer. Using a traditional printer requires you to be close enough for the networking cables to reach both of the printer and your PC or laptop. With a Bluetooth receipt printer, you can print the thermal receipt on the move. With this advantage, Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is widely used in the mobile POS system.

 Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer-MUNBYN                                                                                                                   

Why Choose Our Bluetooth Printer

Small And Portable

Easy to carry around and print receipts anywhere&anytime. More convenient for outdoor usage with leather belt to hang on waist. Less time charging, long standby time for 5~6 days.  

Environment-friendly  Printer

No need for ink, toner or cartridges. Thermal paper is all you need.  The consumption for Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is the thermal receipt paper. Comparing with ink printer, it does not need the ink or ribbon. In addition, High quality and high printing speed makes direct thermal printer popular in the receipt printing.    

Multiple Use

This Bluetooth printer fits for Restaurant, Delivery, Warehouse. Support Bluetooth, USB, and RS-232 connections Compatible with Loyverse POS software for android system, a perfect tool for home business to print order receipts. To use the device search “IMP001” on YouTube and follow the steps to connect the receipt printer with APP. It support Five POS Software like: Loyverse, iReap,CasierStock, Kyte, Pozool for android devices. For IOS system, it comes with DEMO APP for basic text printing, No APP to print invoice and receipts so far.Please confirm if it suits your demands before order.

POS Printer/ RT Printer

For IOS system, it comes with DEMO APP for basic text printing, No APP to print invoice and receipts so far.Please confirm if it suits your demands before order. " POS PRINTER" Easy to print text, image mode, self test. " Kindly note this 58 thermal printer don't have auto cutter function. "RT PRINTER" , Multifunctional APK to print Text, Barcode, Image, Website, Ticket Logo and PDF.

Please remember to open Bluetooth when you connect the thermal printer with your phone. Other application, please ask sellers for testing before buying it. For now, our Bluetooth printer only support our demo app on IOS device, we will keep making an improvement on it to find more suitable applications.

 Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer-MUNBYN

Customer Reviews

1. It Does Work With PAYPAL 

This Bluetooth Printer is great.

Needed it to work with Paypal Here and although the seller says it doesn't, it certainly does but only if your config it correctly. To config for Paypal Here just connect Printer to a Windows Computer/laptop via USB, insert the CD it came with and open the Tools Folder, then the Printer Set Tool, then Printer_Tools_V3.1.exe. Make sure your have no other USB Printer connected and then on the Tools Box make sure it is on USB for Port Settings then click connection. In the Bluetooth Name Set type in woosim and click name set button. I would also set a password as well. Once done press disconnect and unplug the Bluetooth thermal receipt printer. On Android just open Bluetooth settings and connect to the Woosim Printer and then in Paypal Printer Settings select Woosim and the wireless printer will connect and you can then use it to print receipts. Enjoy your printer with Paypal Here.     

2. Works Fine. Very Good And Cheap

I bought this to use with Loyverse App and it works fine. This Bluetooth printer is better than other printers that sell for USD300 or more. Does the simple job of printing the receipts. It might work with other software also but I have not tried it yet. There is a standalone app also that you can write text in it and then print off it. So you can use that app also to prewrite your name and address and other information and just put in the amount manually and print the receipt. I think you can check the video on Youtube for that or on the paper that comes with this box.

3. 5.0 Out Of 5 Stars Easy To Install And Use

It saved us from having to spend a fortune on a computer and printer. It goes great with Loyverse and it serves us well for what we need. It is easy to use and you do not have to do almost anything to configure and start using it. We are very happy with the purchase.  

Watch the installation video                                                     

We are very grateful to you for choosing our Bluetooth thermal receipt printer. Click here for more  Bluetooth thermal receipt printer information. Rest assured that we have a professional technical team and engineers to help you solve usage problems. Any problem, please feel free to talk with our team support at any time. 

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